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New York SEO Company - We offer professional and affordable SEO services in New York and its surrounding areas. Contact us right now for SEO quote. We'll get you ranked in no time!

Our New York SEO company offers companies and individuals a wide range of marketing services to maximize their website traffic and revenue.

New York SEO and Why You Need It

Over five million searches occur every day, more than two hundred thousand searches an hour. Those webpages with good visibility, IE: appearing in the first couple of pages of results, net the lion's share of this traffic. Every search is an opportunity to find prospects and turn them into customers but visibility on search engines isn't just something that happens by sheer luck.

The goal of quality Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to raise your website ranking in a search engine's result list, employing ethical and legal methods to protect your company's reputation. The higher your page appears, the more likely a potential customer will visit your website versus the slew of others, thus the more likely you are to make the sale of your product or service.

Aspects of Quality SEO

Like any form of marketing, SEO is an iterative process, there is no cookie cutter answer to every site or business's needs. Getting the perfect result on day one is impossible, SEO is a never ending discipline that changes daily. Fortunately, the basic principals that allow for a quality foundation are consistent and can be implemented quickly.

Search engines use 'bots' which crawl through the the web, taking note of information contained on pages they come across, looking through the number of occurrences of words on a page and giving it a ranking based (among other things) on the the number of times a particular word recurs. These are known in the industry as keywords. Keywords allow search engines to know how to index a site when a user enters a search term, thus making them vitally important to any website.

With carefully controlled keyword density and a quality human readable content, it's possible to optimize your ranking in search engine listings, but these aspects are not enough to get you ranked within top 10 search results.

When a website links to your site, search engines take notice of this and add it into the overall ranking of your site, this is called a Backlink. Many factors come into play when a search engine ranks these types of links, however, one of the most heavily weighed aspects is quality of that link. This is determined by the relevance of the site linking to yours, making backlinking every bit as important as the content (and keywords) used on your site.

The New York SEO Difference

As search engines have become more complex, so too have their algorithms, focusing on quality of the content in addition to keyword density. The more frivolous and pointless the keyword density, the farther down in the rankings your page will appear. This makes SEO both an art and a science.

Our New York SEO services focuse on engaging and ranking higher your human readable, search engine friendly content designed to drive unique traffic to your website. In concert with other optimization techniques, this ensures your website will rise in the rankings and bring in that all important traffic, while protecting your online image.

Being first on the list of a Google search (or any search engine) results means a huge boost to visibility, leads and clients potential. New York SEO will be one of the greatest tools at your disposal for increasing your websites popularity.
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